Our Application Process


Housing charges are due, in full, on the 1st business day, by 12:00 noon, of each month.


Subsidized housing is currently available to applicants that qualify.


  1. Interested applicants can contact the Management Office by phone or email to request a Membership Application. Note: minimum occupancy standards of 3 persons in a 3-bedroom unit and minimum occupancy standards of 4 persons in a 4-bedroom unit apply.
  2. Fill out the “Application for Membership and Accommodation” completely. Ensure that the application is accompanied by copies of “proof of income”. A detailed list of Acceptable Forms of Income is on page 5 of the application.
  3. Enclose a $20.00 application fee for each applicant eighteen years and over to cover administrative costs for processing the application. Payments can be made by cheque, money order, debit machine or Interac E-transfer.
  4. The completed application and all required documentation can be mailed or dropped off at the Cop’s management office.
  5. The Property Manager will complete landlord and credit checks on all applicants.
    Applications for membership are presented to the Board of Directors at their next monthly board meeting for approval.
  6. Applicants will be notified, in writing, of the board’s decision.
  7. If the applicants are approved for membership and occupancy, the applicants will be placed on the Co-op’s “outside” waiting list and will be contacted by Management when a unit becomes available.
  8. The interested applicant can make arrangements to view the vacant unit. The applicant must confirm with Management their acceptance of the unit within 4 days of viewing the unit.
  9. Upon acceptance of the unit, a deposit of one month’s housing charge payment is required (by cheque, money order, debit machine or Interac E-transfer). The deposit is applied towards the “last month’s housing charge).
  10. On the date the applicants move into their assigned unit (keys received) the first month’s housing charge, a maintenance guarantee (of 1/2 of the monthly housing charge) and a $15.00 one-time membership fee is required.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application Form


Our Waiting List is closed and we are not accepting any applications at this time.

Housing Charges


Note* May 1st, 2022 to Apr 1st, 2023

Three Bedroom

No basement or garage
$1,202.00 Monthly

Three Bedroom

$1,255.00 Monthly

Three Bedroom

$1,270.00 Monthly

Four Bedroom

$1,296.00 Monthly

*Note – Hydro not included

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